GM, 18 posts
Wed 19 Mar 2003
at 09:10
August 25th 2000 - Web site setup                  US$  60
August 25th 2000 - 12 months hosting               US$ 200
August 25th 2000 - 2 years domain registration     US$  70
April  14th 2002 - 12 months hosting               US$ 200
June   28th 2002 - 1 year domain registration      AU$  29.70
                                           Total : US$ 545 (approximately)

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 GM, 8 posts
Tue 10 Feb 2004
at 14:34
Re: Expenses
I am currently looking at purchasing a Dell 2550 which will cope with RPoL's needs for the immediate and foreseeable future.

My current employment arrangement would allow me to host this server for free, however this employment might soon end.  Despite this I am still seriously contemplating purchasing the server as I believe it is an extremely good deal and though we may not have an immediate location to host it, when we do it will serve RPoL very very well.

After comparing dedicated (using their rack and server) hosting to collocation (using their rack but your own server) I've decided not to opt for the server until I know about my current job.  Dedicated hosting is actually cheaper than collocation.

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