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Sat 19 Oct 2002
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How to donate  ...
PayPal donations should be given to and this  IS the  best way to donate.  Donating via paypal means its much easier for us to process your donation.


Donating via Cheque in UK funds --  Cheques should be made out to "Friends of RPOL"

and sent to:

Friends of RPOL
Send a Private Message to JohnB in this  forum and I will get back to you.  My address is  in the middle of  changing :)

Please include your RPOL id, and an email address so that confirmation of receipt can be sent to you.

Money orders and cashier's cheques are also accepted.


If you're just dying to donate but can't send it via these methods, please be warned that any cash donations are sent at your own risk.  Therefore, please keep in mind that sending cash is probably not a good idea.

We can promise you that cash that make it to the FoRPOL address will be deposited into the RPOL account, but we cannot accept responsibility for what happens between your hands and ours.


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