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Fri 1 Apr 2011
at 19:24
URTUR - Landing
Zoals jullie weten ben ik een beetje bezig met mijn nieuwe live campaign. De werktitel van deze campaign is 'Landing', wat verwijst naar het land waar het avontuur zal beginnen. Zoals de titel van deze draad al zegt, zal het een URTUR campaign worden. Ik weet niet of sommige van jullie het al gemerkt hebben, maar deze zijn meestal vrij zwaar van stof. Deze camapign, echter, wil ik wat luchtiger aan gaan pakken. Wel serieus, maar ik wil wat meer terug naar de roots van DnD, dus het avontuur en de schatten, zeg maar... Daar is dan ook alles mee gezegd. Verwacht niet dat het makkelijk zal worden!

Ik ben bijna klaar met mijn opleiding en verwacht daarna ook weer wat meer Rpol op te kunnen pakken. De andere campaigns zullen dus weer doorgaan. Eťn heb ik verwijderd na inactiviteit, maar die was toch 4th en vroeg net wat teveel energie van me. Plugfest en Glimmershine wil ik echter een doorstart geven. Tomb wil ik in een live sessie of twee afronden. Wat vinden jullie daarvan?

Voor Landing wil ik maximaal 5 spelers hebben. Ik weet dat er meerdere mensen geÔnteresseerd zijn. Voor de duidelijkheid; Zolang ik nog live speel bij Roger, gaat deze campaign nog niet van start. Echter, ik wil al vast aan de voorbereidingen gaan beginnen. Geen Rpol spelen, enzo, maar gewoon, characters bouwen, achtergrond uitwerken en langzaamaan meer info op mijn site, maar ook hier, bereikbaar maken.

Wat ik tot nu toe al kan zeggen, zijn de volgende dingen:
- Creation:   36 point buy.
- Races:      Casien en Human, en eventueel Dwarf en Orc.
              Humans zullen het meest prominent zijn, Casiens worden echter de logische tweede keuze.
              Dwarves en Orcs liggen gevoelig, daar zij een oorlogsverleden hebben met de andere twee rassen.
- Classes:    PHB, Complete series, - Samurai en Ninja en misschien nog een paar die ik mis.
- PrClasses:  2 per persoon max. Kortom, een combo van drie classes tot aan level 20. Daarna zien we wel weer.
- Alignment:  Bestaan niet. Wel Code of Conduct van de Paladin, bijvoorbeeld.
- Background: Ik wil een avontuur op basis van 'vriendschap'. Jullie kennen elkaar dus al en delen jullie woonplaats,
              een stad met een inwoner of 12000 genaamd Casador. Landing is een menselijk land, wat weinig invloeden
              van andere rassen kent, behalve van Casiens...

Dat was het even! Stel maar vragen, doe suggesties, weet ik veel wat :D
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Sat 2 Apr 2011
at 14:53
Re: URTUR - Landing
Ehm Casiens?
Waar komt dat vandaan?
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Sat 2 Apr 2011
at 23:00
Re: URTUR - Landing
Casien= the race formerly known as elves. En: leuk! start is op level 1?
Jasper 't Jong
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Sun 3 Apr 2011
at 11:32
Re: URTUR - Landing
Jup, op level 1 :D


The race of Casius is a race of long lived creatures. They often reside in wooded areas, close to the recipients of their deity's objects of influence; the plants and the animals. They are somewhat reclusive, because of their long life spans, but since they live in a world filled with other races, they are not strangers to other societies.

Casiens are often reclusive in nature. They keep their emotions under control around members of other races. They tend to observe a lot, without asking many questions. Their eyes often show signs of panic when situations are spinning out of control at a rapid pace. Because of their long lives, they need to spend a lot of time to committing everything to memory, for the fear of loosing crucial parts of themselves. Rapid developments require a lot of adaptation, which disturbs the careful memorization process profoundly. Their longevity also makes them somewhat conservative. It is easier to maintain a firm grip on reality when not much changes in your surroundings.
Within their own circles, however, the casiens tend to celebrate nature in all its aspects a lot. Their God requires this of his followers. He is a wild God, and his followers should celebrate with him. Casien parties are wild, without limits in modesty and last for several days. It's a times of heavy drinking, good stories and a lot of thought sharing. This helps to strengthen the bonds between the casiens, so that they may function as each others memories. The drinking even seems to add to their capability to remember passed events more clearly, etching them into their memories with a quill of alcohol. Though a lot of details might slip in these extravagant parties, they also give the casiens some rough knowledge of things that happened more than an century ago.
Lone casiens tend to 'go wild' after a while, forgetting to memorize their daily experiences and extracting some general sort of knowledge from them. These casiens are often more easy going, but they have a nasty habit of letting their mind wonder, often changing plans on the go and making wild connections between seemingly unrelated topics. After a century or so of this wild behaviour, they often go back to casien society to make some new bonds. When your memory starts getting away from you, you need some reassertion from your fellow race members, or you will, most likely, go completely insane.

Physical Description:
Casien sizes differ a lot. The shortest members are about five foot tall, but the largest members can reach up to seven feet. Their bodies are lithe, with small waists and almost skinny arms and legs. Their features seem to be carved out by the winds and are smooth and dynamic. They are considered fairly attractive by both humans and orcs. Larger members of the race tend to walk a bid bend over, to stay at a more or less even height with their fellow race members. Their skin differs from light brownish to green, but almost golden or ivory skins are not uncommon either. Their hair colour is often the same colour as their skin colour, with just slightly darker or lighter highlights. Their eyes are most often in sharp contrast to their skins and hair colour, ranging from a deep blue, to amber, to jet black.
Females often wear flowing gowns, while males wear tight fighting clothes. Either of the two move with a flowing grace, their agility trained through years of climbing trees and walking on bending branches. In forests, they can almost blend in with their surroundings. They often use this skill to surprise visitors to their forests by appearing right in front of their eyes. Casiens are considered mature at an age of 35, when they have learned the basic skills of memorization and are capable of reproduction. They can live for over one millennium in years.
Casiens even memorize while sleeping, which allows them to gain insights in dreams that they might not have gotten during the day. Casiens are hard to wake, but once awake, they are immediately alert.

Dwarves tend to make casiens very nervous. The deep earth dwellers have developed quite different tactics for memorization. Where casiens form of memorization is a constant battle against their own chaotic nature, the dwarves just tend to etch their orderly rules in stone an live a fairly easy going live when it comes to mental exercise. But as 'the other long lived race', a bond still exists between the two races. They often share their findings with each other concerning the passing of time. Gnomes, though their deity shares some of Casius' spheres of influence, make casiens nervous. Gnomes are always plotting, which means that they tend to change plans in mid-execution. Gnome homes are very much appreciated by casiens though. Although their homes are mostly artificial, at least they incorporate a lot of natural aspects in their buildings. The godal are a reclusive race themselves. The often short contacts between the two are cordial, nothing more. The jittery nature of the small race often results in quick goodbyes, but no love is lost in the process. They absolutely detest halflings. No reason needed. Casiens get along well with humans, though they tend to never get into a lasting relationship with one of that race. Humans are just to fast of mind, which bothers the casiens a lot. Another problem is that humans are somewhat to emotional for casiens likings. But once a human makes a plan, he tends to hold himself to it until it is finished. Casiens absolutely detest the Koiras. The vile dog men violate their forests with their evil fires and their worshipping of martial law.The chaotic nature of the casiens somehow goes hand in hand with the lawful nature of the orcs. An orc is attentive, which casiens like, they make long term plans, which casiens like even more. And they even have their own feasts of excess, though these are often about violence rather then dancing and story telling. The vadi are neither liked nor disliked. Though Casius is in an endless war with the small greenskins, the vadi themselves are more about intrigue then open warfare, which barely touches casien society. However, when war commences, casiens will almost never take their sides. Or rather, they will find an excuse to be part of the other side, just so they can run some of them through with their arrows or other implements of war.

Casiens are chaotic in nature, but they almost never show it. Their whole purpose is to keep their urges under control, unless a celebration in the name of Casius is at hand. Those casiens who 'go wild' often embrace their chaotic side, allowing their emotions to run away with their rationality. They have a tendency to do the 'right' thing, though. Their God is a God of caring, and they share that caring in their very souls.

Casien Lands:
Casiens make their homes in the forests of the world. Their homes are often made out of wood, be it shaped or cut. The sizes of their communities differ a lot, like those of all other races. Once a city grows to large to be self supportive, it becomes more open planned, allowing for fields and roads to bring in the most needed supplies. Casiens hunt a lot but they always try to keep some balance in the fauna around them. They have no qualms about trading with other races to get their supplies either. Most big human or orc cities, sometimes even gnome cities, have a large casien population.
On their home continent of Casion, even the biggest cities are still surrounded by the ancient trees of the continent. Roads are just connecting branches and a single tree can be the home of more then five hundred elves. Wildlife on that continent never seems to diminish and the tops and bottoms of the trees yield plenty of food for even the largest populations.

Casius is the god of the casiens. He created them in his image and gave them his affinity for nature. The Preserver of Life doesn't ask to much of his followers, only that they defend the flora and fauna of the world from exploitation and fire. Some casiens worship Hamador, the God of death. Though they are a long lived people, death is a constant factor in their thoughts. Hamador teaches that death is just a normal part of life, which gives the casiens some comfort. Some casiens branch of to the gnome deity, InuÔa. The worshipping of the elements and the sun somewhat resembles the worshipping of nature, but seems more primal. Baladein and even Godala receive some attention too. the first by those whom have chosen the path of law to still their own chaos, the second by those who embrace their inner chaos to further extend.

The casien language has a certain cadence to it which makes it sort of hypnotic. Stories told in casien are easy to memorize in its most basic nature and songs in that language can cause its listeners to dance for hours at an end. Casiens try to confer as much information as possible in a single syllable, which results in many different inflections of the same written syllable having totally different meanings. But at the same time, casiens want to describe a lot when they describe even the most basic of things, so that a leaf is never just a leaf, but a leaf having this colour, that hue, etc.. This results in embellishment of stories that go far beyond any story telling of the other races. So, even though you might tell a story within a few sentences, once you hear it the casien way, you know that you have only heard the short version.

Casien names often ascribe certain attributes to a person. The surname tells people where you are from, what kind of history you family has, or its standing among the other families. This isn't done by just combining all the necessary information, but by combining certain syllables which confer some sense of direction, a sense of bonds or a reference to a place or person from the past, which all start to make more sense when you get to know the casien in question. There first name holds the hope of the parents, such as 'preserver of life' or even 'cleric'. 'Preserver of life' might, for example, be implicated in the syllable 'cas', taken from their own deity. Both first name and surname consist of more then one syllable and are more likely to consist of five than of three.

Most casien adventurers are either storytellers or those casiens that have gone wild. Casiens like to be part of a group, so adventuring is just to uncertain a business for them. Casien agility makes them excellent archers and masters of light weapons in combat. Most casiens detest heavy armor, except for those who follow a military career. Most casiens are wise, because of their ongoing education and memorization. This makes them excellent clerics and druids, though the last of these, unless they worship Casius as the source of their natural power, is frowned upon.

Casien Racial Traits
Ability Scores:     +2 Dexterity. Casiens are agile beyond normal measures.
Size:               Medium-size: As medium-size creatures, casiens have no
                    special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
Movement:           Casien base speed is 30 feet.
Saving Throw:       +2 racial saving throw bonus against spells with the chaos
                    descriptor. Casiens learn to control their chaotic side at an
                    early age, granting them some resistance to chaotic spells.
Vision:             Low-light vision: Casiens can see twice as far as a human in
                    starlight, moonlight, torchlight, and similar conditions of
                    poor illumination. They retain the ability to distinguish
                    colour and detail under these conditions.
Proficiencies:      Proficient with the dagger, punching dagger, short sword,
                    longsword and rapier and proficient with the longbow,
                    shortbow, composite longbow and composite shortbow. Casiens
                    train with light and elegant blades all there lives and bows
                    are their favourite hunting weapons.
Run Mastery:        Casiens are very fast runners. They gain the Run feat as a
                    bonus feat and even gain a +1 dodge modifier to AC when
                    running at 4 times their normal speed or faster.
Skills:             +2 racial bonus of Hide, Listen, Move Silently and Spot
                    checks. Casiens are excellent hunters, enabling them to spot
                    their prey easily and then sneak up to them unnoticed.
Racial Bonus:       +1 racial bonus to attack rolls versus koirasi. Casiens have
                    a strong dislike for the followers of the fire goddess.
Languages:          Automatics Languages: Casien and Common as well as the
                    language of their home country. Bonus Languages: Dwarven,
                    Gnome, Human, Koirasi, Orc and Sylvan. Casiens know the
                    languages of their closest friends. Some casiens learn the
                    Koirasi language to communicate with their most hated enemy,
                    the Koirasi.
Favoured Class:     Either Bard, Cleric, Druid, Ranger or Rogue. Picking one of
                    these classes as your favourite class, makes that class not
                    count when determining whether the casien suffers an XP
                    penalty for multiclassing.
Level Adjustment:   +0
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Mon 4 Apr 2011
at 13:58
Re: URTUR - Landing
Ik zei wel rogue als eerste, maar als ik nu al zo'n beetje kijk naar wat de anderen van plan zijn wil ik me ook wel wat flexibeler opstellen. Dus is mijn vraag aan jou, Jas, wat voor party compositie had jij voor ogen?
Ik zou het bijvoorbeeld ook niet erg vinden om een cleric/healer te worden (richting de radiant servant of Pelllor als PrC, voor Łberhaupt healing).
Jasper 't Jong
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Mon 4 Apr 2011
at 14:14
Re: URTUR - Landing
Ik heb geen party compositie voor ogen. Wat mij aan gaat worden jullie allemaal fighters :D Wel een beetje saai, natuurlijk. BTW: de laatste vijf zijn dus niet bekent, dus iedereen maakt kans... of zoiets. gaat niet via stemmen ofzo. Weet eigenlijk nog niet hoe.
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Mon 4 Apr 2011
at 14:56
Re: URTUR - Landing
Dan wacht ik dat nog even af. Heb tot nu toe dus of een cleric (of een variatie daarop) voor ogen, of een rogue/swashbuckler.
Wat ik ook ga spelen, het zal zowiezo een human worden.
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Tue 5 Apr 2011
at 07:40
Re: URTUR - Landing
Moet zeggen dat ik het best leuk vind om mee te doen. Ben altijd wel in voor een leuke campaign.

Daar ik niet weet of ik altijd tijd heb. weet ik niet of het handig is.
Maar als ik mee doe mischien toch eens een Monk spelen.
Is de Oriental Guide toegestaan?
Jasper 't Jong
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Wed 8 Jun 2011
at 08:57
Re: URTUR - Landing

Over een aantal weken, ik denk nog binnen de maand, zal mijn nieuwe campaign van start gaan. Geen naam ofzo, maar wel een URTUR campaign. De campaign zal bestaan uit een twee wekelijkse live sessie op een doordeweekse avond vanaf een uur of acht to uiterst half ťťn. Ik heb vijf plaatsen te vergeven en begrijp dat ik nu al meer aanmeldingen heb dan die plaatsen. Dus, motiveer je rede om mee te willen spelen en wie er een goed idee heeft voor het kiezen tussen verschillende spelers, ik hoor het graag! Ik wil echt 5 vaste spelers, die over een langere periode mee willen spelen. Onvoorziene omstandigheden daargelaten vraag ik dus wel een stukje commitment.
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Thu 9 Jun 2011
at 08:29
Re: URTUR - Landing
lol, Ro en ik hadden de zelfde ideeŽn :D nou ro wat wordt 't healer of SW?? doe ik de andere :D zin in een familiale band iemand?? broer/zus, neef, achterneef, oom, bastaard-broer? :P

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Thu 9 Jun 2011
at 12:52
Re: URTUR - Landing
Mijn idee is een fighter/mage, gericht op na de combat van het maken van magic items. Magie wordt mijn tweede focus, dus verwacht geen fireballs of full armored combat mage, hoogstens het casten van langdurige party buffs waarna ik mijn magical armor aandoe.
wat dan wel?
Tanking + item creation.

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Thu 9 Jun 2011
at 18:04
Re: URTUR - Landing
*heel enthousiast*
Ik zou nog steeds graag een monk spelen, die ik op latere levels misschien wat laat bijklussen als spirit shaman of druid. Maar spirit shaman op zich is ook heel leuk, als Stefan ook graag een monk is :D
Families kunnen heel interessant zijn.
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Thu 9 Jun 2011
at 19:08
Re: URTUR - Landing
Ik kan helaas de comitment niet geven op het moment. Een vast dag in de week is gewoon lastig op het moment.
Dus Sayanne be my guest. Monk Twins had leuk geweest :)

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Jasper 't Jong
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Fri 10 Jun 2011
at 08:38
Re: URTUR - Landing
Misscghien is het handiger als ik een soort van lijstje maak van wat ik wil weten. Ik zal immers 5 spelers moeten gaan kiezen. Dus:

Naam Speler:
Character (ras, class, ideeŽn):

Ik ga niet letten op class combos, dus houd je niet in met keuzes omdat een andere speler al iets heeft bedacht :D
Jasper 't Jong
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Sun 12 Jun 2011
at 12:38
Re: URTUR - Landing
De mensen waarvan ik nu wat meer vernomen heb zijn:

Bram, Frans, Giel, Michel, Ralf, Roger, Sayanne en Werner. Alexander en Wouter wilde geloof ik ook nog, en Stefan trekt zich terug. Tom, Mark, Djinn weet ik niets vanaf en ik gok dat Tim en laurens wat te ver weg wonen. Linda neem ik een beetje van aan dat ze er geen behoefte aan heeft. Paul denk ik ook niet. Ook bij Detlef tast ik wat in het duister.
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Sun 12 Jun 2011
at 12:45
Re: URTUR - Landing
Welke Wouter bedoel je nu precies ;)
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Mon 13 Jun 2011
at 16:24
Re: URTUR - Landing
Cool, na het feestje zaterdag avond: it's settled: Ro de Rogue en Werner de clerk. :D

ga binnenkort builden.

Iemand al iedeeŽn over de band? Familieband? Rockband? Zwarte band? Contraband?
Jasper 't Jong
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Mon 13 Jun 2011
at 22:10
Re: URTUR - Landing
Over dat soort dingen wil ik het tijdens de eerste sessie hebben :D Dus toch samen een rolverdeling gemaakt? Je weet dat ik daar niet op let hey?