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Sat 23 Mar 2019
at 16:35
New player, wants to play Godbound? 
I've played Basic D&D Immortals Set and AD&D, but never any D20 stuff.

I'd like to play Godbound, since it seems to have some old D&D mechanics.  Still learning the D20 stuff is a learning curve challenge (To hit, Saves, Attribute rolls), as I have to unlearn what's been drilled into me.

I have rolled a character, using the general ability score array given by the Deluxe version.
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Mon 25 Mar 2019
at 04:52
New player, wants to play Godbound? 
In reply to MPA2000 (msg # 1):

Welcome, MPA2000!

I hope you can find the games you want here.  There are lots of games, and a lot of nice folks here.

Expressing interest in a particular game might be better done in Wanted - GMs.  That's a topic where folks looking for GM to run a game they want to play post ads for that game.

There's also Wanted - Players, which is where GMs advertise for players for games they are actively running.

Another place to find games just getting started is Game Proposals, Input, and Advice  This is where GMs float proposals for new games to gauge interest before doing all the work needed to get them up and running.  It also serves as an advice and feedback section for gaming-related topics.  Give it a look - you'll see what I mean.

Knock around, do some light reading, (FAQs, Policies, etc.) and get to know folks over in Community Chat (where you can talk about almost anything in keeping with Da Rules...).  I'll see you there.