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Sat 4 Nov 2017
at 20:14
Always wanted to try some roleplaying like D&D and similar but never really got to it so I am totally new to these things, in any case the stories I read from epic and crazy games just drew me at first sight :D So yea I hope I won't be too much of a hassle to others! ^_^
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Sat 4 Nov 2017
at 22:02
Welcome aboard! :)

If you're looking for a game, try the "Wanted - Players" forum.  If that doesn't get you what you need, try the "Wanted - GMs" to see if someone will run a game you specify.  If you're looking to start your own, try posting in the "Game Proposals, Input and Advice" forum to see if there is interest.

Other than that advice, take your time and look around. :)
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Sat 4 Nov 2017
at 22:47
Thanks for advice! :) pretty excited about the amount of various settings and games!

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Mon 6 Nov 2017
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In reply to Fireball24 (msg # 3):

Welcome to the best play-by-post site anywhere!  You've already got a good start, I see, so I won't bore you with the usual stuff.

If and when you decide to run games here, definitely hit the GM's Help.  The toolkit here is a very rich one with just a bit of a learning curve.  Folks here are a helpful lot, though, and will be there for you when you have questions.