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Fri 5 Jan 2018
at 13:21
D&D 5e Starter Pack
Hi all,

I have the 5e starter box and would be interested in playing it through in advance of GMing it for some friends. We are all new and it would be good to have an understanding in advance of the IRL game.

Does anyone know if this scenario is, or may, be played out on here?


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Sat 6 Jan 2018
at 16:00
D&D 5e Starter Pack
Ooh, that's a great adventure. One of my favorites.

Of course, with a GM willing, you'd be able to play it out here on the site. It would take a pretty long time to complete it using play by post. I think it took like 12 or 13 weekly sessions of live gaming when I played through it before.

That would probably equate to a year or so on play by post. Just a guesstimate though.
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Sat 6 Jan 2018
at 21:04
D&D 5e Starter Pack
I guess that a year isn't ideal! I'd be open to other ideas but I've only got the starter kit rather than the full books.
Mad Mick
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Sun 7 Jan 2018
at 10:39
D&D 5e Starter Pack
Just FYI, but there are games here that have lasted over a decade and have hundreds of thousands of posts.  =)  However, the pace of RPOL games is considerably longer than face to face games.
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 Ocoee FL
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Mon 8 Jan 2018
at 16:50
D&D 5e Starter Pack
In reply to Joff (msg # 3):

Some DMs will take a newbie into their games and do a lot of hand holding and sharing even if you don't have the books. You might put something up on Wanted-GMs asking for someone to help you learn the ropes.
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Mon 8 Jan 2018
at 18:03
D&D 5e Starter Pack
In reply to Gaffer (msg # 5):

Thanks Gaffer, I have posted something and am hoping that something will come of it!