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Tue 23 Jan 2018
at 04:15
Hey there everyone
Hey there, figured I'd drop an introductory post seeing as I just discovered this site. I really look forward to being able to engage the community here. Sadly my new schedule has made it really hard for me to play....anything on a face to face or even an online so i figure this is a really good alternative. I have tons of experience DMing and playing various systems including but not limited to: both 3.5 and 5th edition dungeons and dragons, pathfinder, Black crusade, deadlands, cryptomancy, as well as some more free form roleplaying. I think the long story short is that I get around and like to try new things of every genre.
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Tue 23 Jan 2018
at 08:20
Hey there everyone
In reply to nevermore98 (msg # 1):


You are most definitely not alone!  I, too, work a wacky schedule that makes it difficult to get together across a table regularly, so RPoL was my best way forward.  You will doubtless find other kindred spirits here, too.

If you have experience DMing, you'll want to read the GM Help to get up to speed on the toolkit available to you.  There are a lot of features to enhance the PBP experience here.  Figuring out how they work and using them to best advantage can really make a difference for your games.

Most of the game systems you mention have a considerable following here, so if you put in the time to develop a game it should attract players.  Check out Game Proposals, Input, and Advice when you want to float a game idea before beginning development (to gauge interest) or to get feedback to help refine an idea.

Be sure to read up on RPoL's Adult and Mature Content Policies before fielding a game.  Deciding whether a game will have these types of content is one of the first things you will do when creating it.

There's tons to see and do here, so dig in!
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Tue 23 Jan 2018
at 11:06
Hey there everyone
Welcome, nevermore!  As someone who rarely has a regular evening or weekend free to game, I can concur that RPOL works for busy schedules.  There are a ton of good games here, and you're sure to find plenty to scratch that RPG itch.  =)