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Mon 26 Mar 2018
at 14:13
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Hello all, I made this account a long time ago and recently reactivated it. I finally found a game that interests me, but thought I should slay the 0-post monster first.

I am interested in AD&D, AD&D 2e, Basic D&D, OD&D, and their OSR retro-clones, which unfortunately are not very popular here.
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Mon 26 Mar 2018
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Don't sell the old school contingent short.  I play a lot of Traveller, myself, but have friends here who play old school D&D, Labyrinth Lord, The Black Hack, and others.

But the system isn't the important thing:  it's what you do with a system that matters.  Build the right kind of story line and you'll find players willing to play.

If you want to play, you will almost certainly find a game that interests you here.  Some places to look at:

  • Wanted - Players:  this is where GMs advertise for players for games they already run.
  • Wanted - GMs:  conversely, players advertise here for a GM to run a game they want to play.
  • Game Proposals, Input & Advice:  prospective GMs float proposals here to gauge interest before doing the work of game creation.  It also serves for those who want advice on aspects of running a game.

There are other places, but these three are the basic places to find a game or a group.

If you have questions, jot back.  Lots of folks here like helping folks, and will likely help you, too.
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Mon 26 Mar 2018
at 18:04
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Thanks for the feedback.
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Mon 26 Mar 2018
at 18:18
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I am in both traveller and AD&D type games.  As Horus said, there are games out there and if you don't find one specifically D&D, branch out from there.  Look for games that are free form but based a bit on the D&D genre.
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Fri 6 Apr 2018
at 00:19
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The old school stuff is still going on here, but it cycles. Sometimes there's more options than other times -- but trust me, those of us who enjoy the older editions are definitely here. Those games seldom have a shortage of players willing to play. :)