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Tue 24 Apr 2018
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Hi I'm rdl1478 I'm fairly new to rp I've played a bit of pathfinder but I'm willing to learn any new rules for other games I tend to favor warrior type characters bit have been wanting to try a magic caster but I'm not confident enough yet maybe a little later but I'm exited to get to play again its been a little while
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Wed 25 Apr 2018
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In reply to rdl1478 (msg # 1):

Welcome to RPoL.

That intro of yours was a fine example of stream-of-consciousness writing.  I don't want to bring you down, but you may wish to try a different, more conventional style  as a player on RPoL.  I'm not criticizing, just observing that folks here generally prefer a different style than you have used.  You don't have to be Ms. Grammarly, but sentences strung together without punctuation or capitalization are harder to read.

Let me apologize if what I've just said makes you uncomfortable.  I assure you it's nothing personal; I'm just trying to set you up for success.  (I made my share of mistakes starting out here, so I'm trying in my own clumsy way to help you avoid some of that.)

RPoL is a great place to find folks to play games with, and a really great place to run games if you are thinking about becoming a game master.

The Help and FAQs will prove useful reading to you when you're just starting out.

Posting to Beginners to introduce yourself is a good first step.  Follow that up by reading a while in Community Chat.  Once you get the feel of the place and you're comfortable with the culture go ahead and post.

As you read in the various forums here, look at the Notices pinned to the top.  These generally contain useful info about how a forum is used, what is acceptable (and unacceptable) behavior, etc.

When you're ready to play, check out Wanted - Players.  This is a special forum where GMs who run existing games can advertise for players.

You might also look at Game Proposals, Input, and Advice.  This is a forum where GMs thinking about creating a game can float a proposal for that game to gauge interest before they do the work of creating it.  Finding a proposal that interests you as a player and replying to express interest is a great way to get in on the ground floor as a game is just starting up.

If you eventually decide to run a game, you'll find the toolkit for GMs here is one of the best anywhere.

I hope you do well here on RPoL, and that you have lots of fun in games you truly enjoy playing.

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