Major Tom
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Wed 2 May 2018
at 14:19
New to the website
Hello everyone,

New to this site. Just checking it out!

Major Tom
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Wed 2 May 2018
at 15:58
New to the website
In reply to Major Tom (msg # 1):

Welcome, Major Tom,

There's lots to see and do here on RPoL.  Your intro here is a great first step.

It's almost obligatory to hit the Help and FAQs early on in your stay here.  There's good info in there to help you find your way.

Knock around in Community Chat and get to know the place, then post away.  (There's a notice at the top of the board which covers what's off-limits, so check that out, please.  Notices exist for every board on RPoL, by the way.)

Looking for games?  Check out Wanted - Players.  GMs advertise here for players to join games they are running.

Can't find what you want?  Check out Wanted - GMs.  This is where players who want to play a game they can't find can advertise for any GMs who might want to run it for them.

Game Proposals, Input and Advice is a placed where prospective GMs submit concept proposals for games they want to run.  This allows them to gauge interest in a concept before doing the work to field the game.  In addition, it allows folks to seek advice about things they may be having trouble with.

Joining the discussion of a game proposal is a great way to get in on the creation of a new game.

Finally, from the main menu after login, look toward the bottom for the Game Search engine.

If you decide to run a game, check out the GMs toolkit.  There are lots of features in the GM Menu for organizing and keeping track of all a game's related data.

Again, welcome.  Live long and prosper.