cameron s717
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Tue 22 May 2018
at 16:44
new here wanna meet cool people.
Hi i have some experience with text based rp but nothing involving character levels or stats. mostly casual. id love to meet some cool people and find some cool chats
Isida KepTukari
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Tue 22 May 2018
at 17:07
new here wanna meet cool people.
Welcome!  There isn't really a chat room around here, but there are lots of places to meet new people!

Looking for Players has any game that's currently seeking members.

Looking for GMs is for people who have a game idea and are looking for someone to run it (and/or fellow players).

Community Chat is for general conversation.

Game Proposals, Interest, and Advice is a good way to gauge interest in a possible type of game to see if there's even enough people to put up a "Looking for Players/GM" thread.

Even if you're unfamiliar with rules-based games, there are lots of GMs around her who run freeform games (minimal rules), and many other games do have free game rules resources that are available to peruse.

Go take a gander around and see what you'd like to do!
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Tue 22 May 2018
at 21:44
new here wanna meet cool people.
In reply to Isida KepTukari (msg # 2):

Wanted - Players
Wanted - GMs

WELCOME, cameron s717,

You'll find plenty to do around here, no doubt.  Should you ever decide to run a game yourself, this place has the best GM tools I've ever seen for Play-by-Post.

Have Fun,
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 Ocoee FL
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Sat 26 May 2018
at 14:35
new here wanna meet cool people.
No cool people, Iregret to say. We're all nerds and geeks here. :D