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Sun 3 Jun 2018
at 04:18
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Hello, I'm loudwhisper. While I have plenty of experience in online roleplaying through discord, I am new to this platform. Pleasure to make your aquaintence. Now, I may do some stupid Durian from time to time, but please bear with me. Thank you!
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Sun 3 Jun 2018
at 10:54
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Welcome, loudwhisper!

Lots of old roleplayers here, and a fair contingent of old-school roleplayers (not always the same thing, but hey...)

Some things to do while you're looking for group:

To acquaint yourself with the place, hit the FAQs and the Help system.  Especially if you intend to run a game, be aware that the tools here for doing that are very useful and versatile, but you really need to understand site policies before running a game.

Commmunity Chat is the place to hang out, get to know folks, and talk about whatever.

Check Wanted - Players to find existing games that are looking to recruit new players.

Wanted - GMs is where players ask for a GM to run a game they want to play.

Game Proposals, Input, and Advice is where folks go to get feedback and opinions about how they're running an existing game, or to float a proposal to gauge interest in a new game before creating it.

The Game Search engine on the Main Menu page near the bottom is also a good way to find games that might interest you.

Is there a particular game type that does it for you?  I'm an old Traveller player and referee, but I'm learning about some new stuff since I got here.  Here's hoping you find what you're looking for.