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Sat 21 Jul 2018
at 20:19
Newbie: General Session Concept
Hi! I just registered and flipped through the FAQ but I am still a little confused as to how the actual session is run. So before I sign up for a game, could someone clue me in on the following:

How Are The Game Sessions Actually Run?

I understand that this is a Roleplay By Posts concept but does each game set up a time for
the session (similar to a traditional game session) and then the posts are in near real time or is is the typical play much slower with players sending in posts during the day (when
even they have some time) and the GM resolves periodically (e.g. once per week, once per day, or a few time per day)? This is critical since it means the difference between being available for a game at a specific time or just being available for a game throughout the day.

Character Creation:

Does the site provide pages for character creation or is this all done offline and then sent to the GM? What tools will I need to create a character? Obviously if the character creation is offline then I assume I will need, at a minimum, the Player Handbook (equivalent) to make a character. From FAQ, it seems dice are not needed because the site has virtual dice.

Your info is greatly appreciated.
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Sat 21 Jul 2018
at 20:29
Newbie: General Session Concept
On the first question: It depends, but typically games are played over time rather than scheduled for particular time slots. I know of a handful of games that do it that way, but they are the minority by far.

On the second question: Depends again. The site provides a "character details" section intended for character sheets, and there's a dice roller, but that's about the extent of the site-provided tools. There aren't any stored SRDs or the like run by the site.

Depending on the game you're playing, you'll likely need to acquire whatever rulebooks (or SRDs) you'd need for a traditional live table game. Some GMs will work with you if you don't have the rulebooks and help you through it, but not all will want to take on that responsibility.
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Sat 21 Jul 2018
at 20:37
Newbie: General Session Concept
Hi LordAshes, welcome to RPoL.

There aren't really sessions, as such.  The GM sets up the game, and players post when they can.  Acceptable posting rates vary from multiple times per day to once per week, depending on the GM.

Character creation also varies from game to game.  Some GMs will have you create your character and PM them with a completed sheet, while others will work through character creation with you inside their game.

Your questions will be best answered if they are directed to the GMs of any games you are interested in joining, as part of your access request.

And yes, we have an on-site dice roller, accessible once you are accepted into a game.
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Sun 22 Jul 2018
at 04:49
Newbie: General Session Concept
Thanks for the info. That help m understanding greatly.