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Mon 30 Jul 2018
at 13:38
Being my tiny dragoness self as a newby
I haven't a clue about where I should try to start roleplaying or where I'm not supposed to be roleplaying at to start with. So... I'll just try to find anyone that could hopefully offer an explanation to what I'm supposed to do here since... I'm still rather new here that I really haven't a clue on as to what or even where to begin any type of roleplaying session of any kind so... could I get some help with that please and thank you.
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Mon 30 Jul 2018
at 13:50
Being my tiny dragoness self as a newby
In reply to TinyAbandonedDragoness (msg # 1):

You could start by perusing the "Players Wanted" section and looking for game descriptions that appeal to you. If you see something that sounds fun, click on the link to the game, then on the "request access" link.
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Mon 30 Jul 2018
at 15:46
Being my tiny dragoness self as a newby
There are many different people (generically called GM for GameMaster) running many different games in many different systems, including some that are "freeform" which use no rule set as such.

As Lord X says, the best way to find one accepting new players is in Players Wanted. Or you can post in GM Wanted and request a game in a system or of a sort that you would like to play.

You'll also want to peruse the FAQs and make sure you are aware of the site rules and customs.

Happy gaming!