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Wed 8 Aug 2018
at 17:21
How To: Bump Game Advertisement?
I am advertising a couple games. One of the was advertised a while back and then closed to Player Requests because we found enough players. However, one of the players had to drop out and I would like to advertise it again.

When I tried to create a new advertisement for the game, it found my previous deleted advertisement and informed me that I should un-delete it. Which is what I did.

Now the game advertisement is back but it does not show up as a new advertisement. When I look at the advertisement, it says that the game is eligible for advertisement bump. However, I have no idea how to do this? I edited the original post but that did not bump the advertisement. I also don't see any link/button for bumping the game.

Can someone please tell me how to bump a game advertisement when it is eligible for such a bump?
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Wed 8 Aug 2018
at 18:36
How To: Bump Game Advertisement?
You just need to make a new post in the thread.  That will bump it back to the top of the forum.