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Sun 21 Oct 2018
at 21:56
Trying to find my way around
Hi All,

I am new here and I guess I am new to this kind of online roleplaying experience. So I am trying to figure out my way around this. What is the format of the games like? How does it work?

For the record I have been gaming for well over thirty years. I have been a player and a GM in a wide range of games. My main interests are Sci-Fi and Post Apocalypse gaming but I have been working on a big Viking Age fantasy game. There has been an interest in more mainstream fantasy and modern horror.

I mostly play and run games using Savage Worlds but I have played a huge range of games. Whilst I am willing to play most things I am not a big fan of D&D.


I am looking to play in a game just so I can get the hang of it. If this goes okay I might be looking at running a game in the near future.


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Mon 22 Oct 2018
at 13:47
Trying to find my way around
Heya, welcome to RPOL :). If you're looking to join a game you can check out the "Wanted - Players" subforum, or alternatively there's "Wanted - GMs" if you're looking to run something.

Generally people will post up a game they want to run and then people apply to join by sending a "Request to Join" (RtJ) which tends to contain your character concept and stuff like that - different GMs ask for different things so it's best to check in the game first (there's usually a public thread there with such info) and make sure you submit what's being asked for :). If a GM is interested then hopefully they'll reply and you can get yourself into a game. There is a wide range of systems being used here and feel free to post up and ask about any you want to play in, even if you don't see them here (some systems are more popular than others, like DnD for example).

There's also the FAQ and Help functions (see the very top-right corner of the screen) which should also give you a bunch of general info on anything general you might want to ask about regarding how the site works :). It might also be possible to ask to lurk in an existing game (which lets you read but not write posts) if you want to get a feel for how things work, though bear in mind every game is different - within each game, it's solely down to however that particular GM wants to run it so what's true in one game may not be so in another.

Anyway, enjoy your stay and have fun, find some games and get playing :D.
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Tue 23 Oct 2018
at 06:49
Trying to find my way around
Hi, and Welcome!

What Ameena said is right on the mark.  All I would add is that Game Proposals, Input, and Advice is also a great place to get in on the ground floor as games are just starting up by expressing interest in those concepts that draw you in.

Especially cogent is the advice already given to hit the Help and FAQs.  There's a lot to the place, especially for the aspiring GM.  That's a good thing, but the learning curve can be a bit much to take in all at once.  Fortunately, a lot of folks hereabouts have already blazed the trail for you, and will be happy to help.

Dig in and get you some!