Quail Mom
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Sat 10 Nov 2018
at 03:33
Ready to roll me some dice!
Hello hello! I am here for D&D!

For the past six or so years, freeform has been my jam. I love a good story now and then, with no limits but mine and my RP partners' imaginations and cravings. However, putting on some number-y limitations can spawn some interesting and weirdly specific situations that regular freeform can't always spit out.

And that is exactly what I need. My chosen system is D&D 3.5e. I started with 4e, but quickly realized I hated it. My boyfriend then introduced me to 3.5, and I've been hype every since. However, due to life crap, I haven't had much opportunity to play. I know the rules... alright. My little group of friends are all rather inexperienced, so we've been adding more rules little by little, but everyone knows that the best way to learn is to just jump in and play. And that's why I'm here! I'd love to improve my knowledge and finally get a chance to level up some of my characters.

And that's that! I hope to find lots of fun times on this site. ^^
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Sat 10 Nov 2018
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Ready to roll me some dice!
In reply to Quail Mom (msg # 1):

Hi, and Welcome!

It sounds like you have the needed fundamentals:  a desire to play, a definite knowledge of what you want in a game (rule system, purpose for gaming, etc.), and a willingness to explore new options (well, new to you).

If you ever decide to run a game, you'll find RPoL's GM Menu has some very useful yet system-neutral tools that let you organize and keep up with a game without undue strain on your time.  That frees you up for creating the game, if you know what I mean.

If just playing is your thing, and if you are of the required age for your location, look into applying for Adult/Mature access, as a lot of games there don't have any hanky-panky at all, but are great games of action, adventure, and high fantasy (or science-fiction if you're more like me).  The rub is that there is a waiting period  of fourteen days from the date of application for access.

Hang out in Community Chat and get to know the place a bit.  Also look at the Help (upper right of any screen) and the FAQs (just left of Help) for a bit of background, and to get answers to any questions that might spring to mind.

There are two special purpose forums here:  Wanted - Players and Wanted - GMs that might interest you:

Wanted - Players is an advertising board for GMs who seek players for their games.  You might find a game here to join and get playing.

Wanted - GMs is an advertising board for players seeking a GM to run a game they wish to play.

Additionally, the forum Game Proposals, Input, and Advice is a great place to contribute to the formation of new games that might interest you, allowing you to "get in on the ground floor" so to speak.

Notices (in threads pinned to the top of these and other forums) carry info about what goes on, what the rules are there, and so forth.  They're generally worth reading.

Enjoy, and we'll see you in the next adventure!