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Wed 16 Jan 2019
at 04:17
Salutations to all
It's a nice, easy to browse place you have here. I'll get right on to the basics of me since I may have to wait two weeks to see some of the other stuff.

I'm a full-time working sort, read and studied tabletop game stuff on and off with life. I've played in some games, but sadly not as many as I'd like for various reasons.

I came here in part looking for potential in some Shadowrun games. 4th Edition in particular. Not a big fan of 5e, but I may just bite that bullet eventually. Part of my interest is 'practical research' as I have plans to try and make some variant systems to try and deal with some of the problems in Shadowrun (not so much matrix, since there is already one system for that, but I figure I'll end up fine tuning that depending).

That said, I may look into other games too for something to do for experience and fun in general. I'm familiar with D&D, and I do like to read, so I've had my head in several other books before too. So we'll see how things go!

In the meantime, I'll browse about, see what the chat is all about, and hope you all have a good day!
Mad Mick
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 GURPS beyond measure,
Wed 16 Jan 2019
at 05:20
Salutations to all
Ho, chummer! There's plenty to keep you occupied here, and it's always good to see new faces.

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Wed 16 Jan 2019
at 15:22
Salutations to all
Hey, welcome to RPOL :D. I also like DnD Fourth Edition, it's nice and straightforward :). I'm sure you'll find a game that is to your interest here in some form or other, and you can always try to run your own, too :).
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Thu 17 Jan 2019
at 02:04
Salutations to all
Shadowrun 4th edition actually. DnD 4th was.... well, they tried. It had its interesting spots, but I wasn't a fan of that one. ^^;

But true, maybe I'll run my own at some point!