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Sun 10 Feb 2019
at 03:16
Hey, I'm new to this tavern
Hello there my fellow human beings. It's nice to meet you. I hope to be able to roleplay with you soon! That is if I can find one
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Mon 18 Feb 2019
at 05:21
Hey, I'm new to this tavern
In reply to Andro (msg # 1):

Hi, and Welcome!

Yeah, it's fun getting started at a new forum, huh?

If you just wanna find a game, check out the Wanted - Players forum.  This is a place where GMs advertise games already up and running that need players to join.

There is a different way to find games:  Game Proposals, Input and Advice is a forum for folks looking for feedback on game-related stuff, or for GMs to float game proposals to gauge interest before doing all the work needed to get a game running.  Showing interest is a great way to get in on a game just starting up.

If you decide you want to run a game, you'll have some learning to do, but from where I sit it's well worth it.  All the GM's tools here are built with heavy user input, so there's a lot of useful stuff here to help you organize and run your games.

Check out the GM Help (in the Help system linked in the upper right corner of any RPoL screen).

While you're in the Help system, you might want to do some light reading about what goes on here (and, more to the point, what doesn't go on here).  That might save you some trouble starting out.

Just left of the Help link is one for the FAQs.
That's another great place to learn more about RPoL.

There's lots going on here, and lots to see and do.  If you have questions about things here, ask away.

Dig in and get you some!

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