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Tue 26 Mar 2019
at 23:17
New to rPoll, not to D&D
Hey Everyone,

     I'm new to rPoll, but have been playing D&D for around 36 or 37 years. Had a hankering to run one of these games, so I will probably be running Rappan Athuk shortly. I hope some of you will join!

Dosey the Clown
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Wed 27 Mar 2019
at 15:35
New to rPoll, not to D&D
Hey, welcome to RPoL!  Hope you enjoy your stay.
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Fri 29 Mar 2019
at 07:59
New to rPoll, not to D&D
In reply to dosey69 (msg # 1):

Welcome to RPoL!

Sounds like you've been at it a while!  Play-by-post is a bit different (you may already know that, though) and RPoL has some unique features that really help organize and implement a game.

Holler back if you need any help with something.
12th Doctor
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Wed 10 Apr 2019
at 13:22
New to rPoll, not to D&D
Welcome! :)