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Sat 30 Mar 2019
at 18:49
Hello, all!  My name is Tellukka.
I am new to rpol, so please let me know if I am breaking ettiquite!  I have been playing freeform play-by-post rp for about six or seven years and am willing to learn other sytems.
Otherwise, I am really into comics and videogames and making art and yeah.
 Itís nice to be here and I canít wait to get started!
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Sat 30 Mar 2019
at 21:04
Hello there!
Don't mind me, I'm the crazy one, always making up my own rules and systems.

Check the help link above, rpol is a pretty cool.

There are plenty of useful formatting capabilities, such as color and font.

The dice roller is also quite capable, should you ever use it.

Oh, and swear words are often replaced by colored fruit around here. A bit of a community quirk. Example, Raspberry my life.

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Sun 31 Mar 2019
at 02:33
In reply to Tellukka (msg # 1):


DarkLightHitomi has covered the high points well enough.

You are in the right place for intros and saying, "Hi!".  So... comics and video games and making art?  You're gonna fit right in, depending on what you're looking to play.

Here are a few places to check out right away:

Community Chat is the place to hang out, talk about whatever, and get to know folks.  (Note:  Read the Notices first... there are certain strictures in place.)

Wanted - GMs is the place for players to advertise for a Game Master to run a game they want to play.

Wanted - Players is the converse of the previous:  GMs of existing games advertise for players to play in  them.

Game Proposals, Input, and Advice is where GMs float game proposals to gauge interest before doing the work to develop new games.  It's also where folks ask questions about game-related stuff and receive (wait for it...) Input and Advice!  It's a great place to find games just starting up and get in on the ground floor.

There's lots to see and do here.  Get out there and get you some!