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Fri 12 Apr 2019
at 06:21
Hi, I came from Roll20
Hello everyone! I am new to Rpol, but I've been RPing for over +20 years with a best friend of mine who was the Forever GM. We played a lot on Roll20. We were basically the only duo who played together. We mostly played World of Darkness and Chronicles of Darkness and a little bit of Pathfinder. However, over the years he has been drifting away and isolating himself for some reason. So it's becoming harder and harder to get him to come out and play with me. Whatever he's going through I'm there for him, but I don't want to force him to play with me. He's still a great guy and I have high respect for him. So now I'm going at it alone and trying to find a new group to play with. This will be the first time I'll ever get to play with anyone else outside of my duo circle. So here I am. I'm hoping to get back into World of Darkness or Chronicles of Darkness again. Maybe try my hand at Blue Rose RPG or Palladium's RIFTS. I would definitely buy a new corebook for any one of those or any new splat books. If you have any recommendations, I would love to hear it! Feel free to hit me up. :)
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Fri 3 May 2019
at 18:47
Hi, I came from Roll20

Take a look at the Wanted Players board - there are many system games here and new ones starting all the time.

I hope you enjoy your time here!
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Sat 11 May 2019
at 03:26
Hi, I came from Roll20
In reply to Vigorhawk (msg # 1):

Welcome fellow 'New Guy'

I've been here a little over a week and I can tell you, this community is GRRRREEEEAAAATTTT

It takes some time learning the different techie stuff, but people are happy to help.
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Thu 5 Sep 2019
at 16:54
Hi, I came from Roll20

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