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Sat 13 Apr 2019
at 01:25
How's it going? Never tried play-by-posting before, but I am hoping to have some fun, get better at playing D&D, and try a new game eventually.
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Mon 15 Apr 2019
at 04:42
In reply to Seakeal (msg # 1):

Welcome!  It sounds like you have the right mindset:  be open to new experiences and ready to play, because a lot goes on here.

You didn't mention being a GM, but, if you decide to run a game at some point, this is a great place for it.  The GM's tools make it simple to organize and run a game at any level of complexity you might desire.

Hang out in Community Chat and get to know some folks.  As with any forum, if Notices (stickied topics) are posted, those are a great place to start.

To look for games, first try the Game Search at the bottom of the Main Menu (in the bar with the number of Games and Posts).

Wanted - Players is a forum where GMs who already have a game running can advertise for players to play in it.  Do read the Notices, as there are rules about how many times an ad can be bumped.

Wanted - GMs is where players can advertise for a GM to create and run a game they want to play in.

Definitely check out the Help and FAQs concerning Mature and Adult content in games.  Short version:  if you want to play in such games, you must met the requirements set forth there for participation, then apply for and be granted access.

There's a lot of games here of all types, content ratings, and styles.  Get out there and get you some!  I'll see ya around.