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Sun 28 Apr 2019
at 23:14
Hi there! This is my first time using RPoL. I've been playing RPGs for quite a few years (around 2013 or so.) I mostly play Pathfinder, Starfinder, and the FFG Warhammer 40K RPGs. However, I specifically joined because I'm hoping to run or play in a PbP of the Doctor Who RPG made by Cubicle 77. I'm a massive sci-fi fan, especially Doctor Who. I can't wait to get to roleplaying!
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Fri 3 May 2019
at 18:48
Welcome - I hope you find lots of games here, and it's always great to see potential new GMs on the board.
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Sat 4 May 2019
at 23:44
You may be in luck.  Look in Game Proposals, Input, and Advice:

{I'm not sure if posting a direct link to the topic itself would be cricket...}