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Tue 21 May 2019
at 21:34
Not new but never introduced myself!
I've been on the site for a number of years, enjoying playing and running some successful games on here a long time ago. Sadly real life took me away from my hobby (both irl and online) for a few years but recently I returned to the site and am already wading back in with a good group of players, so I'm excited to see where the story leads us all.

Not sure if I ever did a thread like this when I first joined, and I do tend to lurk here and post once in a blue moon to welcome folks, so thought I might as well say hi. I'm Chris, started with D&D 2nd many moons ago and since branched out to other systems, love to read fantasy and sci-fi (also my favourite rp genres), I'm a backseat/party-first type of player, and a reactionary/open-world type of DM which I feel works well for most games I've been involved in.

Hoping to play a few games on here, but prefer running games when time allows - either way so I hope to see y'all in a game somewhere down the road!
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Wed 22 May 2019
at 06:05
Not new but never introduced myself!
In reply to chrisormie (msg # 1):

Okaeri-nasai! (Welcome home!)

Glad you're here.  D&D 2ed, huh?  That takes me back.  My first actual roleplaying experience was in the world of Tekumel, but played with The Arduin Grimoire as a game system.  I've played my share of AD&D, too, so we've likely chewed some of the same ground.

Lately, with all the changes in the gaming industry, I've drifted quite a bit, but I come home to Traveller.

Here's hoping I see you around!