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Sat 25 May 2019
at 23:26
Hi! I'm a new roleplayer ^^
Hello there! I'm glad to join this site. I'm looking forward to roleplay with you all,especially on rp's that are about Danganronpa, Ace Attorney, Pokémon, Naruto or just miscellaneous rp's. Tell me if you Wana roleplay with me. Bye!

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Sun 26 May 2019
at 11:19
Hi! I'm a new roleplayer ^^
In reply to Mauripsu (msg # 1):

Hi, and Welcome to RPoL, Mauripsu,

It looks like you have a strong preference for anime'.  You are not alone.  I also love anime', Japanese cinema, television, and manga.  I know from Ace Attorney and Pokemon, but haven't experienced Naruto or Danganronpa at all.

Before you go looking for group, it might be useful to you to get to know the place some.  Hang out in Community Chat and read a few topics to get a feel for the place.  Post when you have something of your own to say or ask about.

Give the Help and FAQs a look, too.  RPoL has some very unique technologies to support running games, if you are ever so inclined.  There are also some important sections about Policies and Terms of Use it really pays to become familiar with.

Whenever you visit a forum, if it has Notices stickied to the top of the topic list, it's a good idea to give those a look, too.

If you want to find a game, there are a couple of places to look:

Wanted - Players is where GMs advertise their already existing games.  There are two search facilities in this forum:  one at the top, labeled "Search for Game Advertisements" has filters for genre (you might select Anime and maybe Fantasy and Adventure), Game System, and content rating (General, Mature, Adult, and Sole Ownership.  There is also (at the top of the search window) a drop-down for how many weeks back you want to search.

The other search engine is at the bottom, and allows searches by keywords contained in either the Subject Line or in the name of the poster, so can be used to find very specific games you might be searching for.

Wanted - GMs is a place for players to request a GM to run a game for them.

Game Proposals, Input, and Advice is a forum where GMs can float proposals for games they are considering running, or where folks can ask for (wait for it) input or advice on game-related topics.  Give it a look - you might find a game just getting started, and expressing interest in such games that do capture your attention is a great way to be invited to Request to Join (RTJ), getting you a seat at the table during startup.

The big thing is to treat folks with a modicum of respect, and to enjoy gaming with folks here on RPoL.  If you have questions, or need help, rest assured we'll be around when you need us.

See ya around, and I hope you have lots of crunchy gaming goodness here.
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Sun 26 May 2019
at 16:39
Hi! I'm a new roleplayer ^^
Welcome aboard! :)
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Mon 23 Sep 2019
at 23:27
hewo im new
hello, im new to this website and want to know how it works, can someone tell me how it works,