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Thu 6 Jun 2019
at 13:07
Hi everyone, new here! I've been having trouble getting an offline DnD group together because of timing so I thought I'd return to Play-by-Post for a while. I used to RP like this back in the day then it kind of phased out but I always liked it. Interested to see where it goes with the mechanics of a TTRPG.

I'm looking for games that are both D&D 5e or Call of Cthulhu 7e. I have some characters for each but am happy to roll up some new ones if what I have doesn't fit with a story.
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Thu 6 Jun 2019
at 13:39
Welcome to RPoL!  I was going to post a bunch of links and helpful advice but you've already found the Wanted - GMs. :D  G'luck in finding a game you want and enjoy your stay!
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Fri 7 Jun 2019
at 05:47
You might also check out:

Wanted - GMs (to advertise for a GM to run a game you want to play.)

Game Proposals, Input, and Advice (Game proposals here from GMs considering running a new game are used to gauge interest before doing the work needed to develop it - expressing interest is a good way to get a seat at the virtual table when a new game is just starting.)

I also hope you find games you can enjoy playing, and that the dice are always kind.