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Tue 11 Jun 2019
at 19:05
Hi everyone! Saw this forum and thought I'd give it a try.

I'm not new to roleplaying, but English isn't my native language, and all my previous RPs were in Russian. If you notice any grammar/spelling/punctuational mistakes, feel free to correct me!

I mostly played free-form play-by-post RPs, and recently also tried to DM a D&D 5e game for my online friends. Unfortunately, the latter didn't work out, but it was still great! I liked both the mechanics and the fantasy vibes, and maybe I'll even try to take up DMing again, too, though probably not in the closest future.

So, currently I'm looking for some newbie-friendly game -- preferably 5e, since I'm already somewhat used to it, but I'm open to any suggestions. I'm in GMT+2 timezone if that matters :)
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Wed 12 Jun 2019
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In reply to Erythrina (msg # 1):


Don't worry about your English and I won't worry about my Pусский язык.  Yeah, I speak a little Russian, probably enough to get me into trouble but not enough to get me back out of trouble again.

Welcome to RPoL.  You're in the right place for play-by-post gaming.  Let me give you the five kopek tour:

You've made a great first step here by introducing yourself.  To follow up, check out Community Chat.  Kick back and read for a bit (Notices up at the top of each forum are important), and get to know the place.  When you have a question, want to talk, or get to know folks, that's a great place to do it.

To find games you might want to play, look in Wanted - Players.  This is a special advertising forum that allows Game Masters to advertise their games that are seeking new players.  There are search facilities that can help you find games by genre, by game system, and many other keys.  In the lower left, the Search link there can allow you to search by Subject or Poster (who posted an ad - usually the GM for that game).

If you have an idea for a game, but need someone else to run it so you can play, check in Wanted - GMs.

Another way to find games, especially those just starting up, is to express interest in game proposals posted on Game Proposals, Input, and Advice.  GMs will frequently post proposals there to get an idea of the level of interest before doing all the work needed to actually produce a game.

I'm sure you will find games that will fit your interests, and that many folks here will be happy to help answer questions and get you gaming.

Have fun!

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Wed 12 Jun 2019
at 10:21
Welcome to RPoL!

Do not worry much about your English.  It is good and people will understand you.  G'luck and have fun!