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Thu 13 Jun 2019
at 02:05
Greetings Earthlings, We come in Peace!
Hello, my name is Coyote. I'm a simple creature, long winded at times, but always to the point. I like strong drinks, bacon, guns, and girls, preferably all at the same time, but what I love the most is a good story.  Reading one, telling one or being a part of one, it's all good to me.

Growing up in a small town where misfits aren't particularly well tolerated left me a lot of alone time, so I filled the void with storytelling and roleplaying, mostly online.  Found this place by accident, thought I'd give it a go.  I'm mostly looking to play and lurk, but at some point I know I'll be running a game.

I mostly prefer freeform/TotM games, both playing and running.  As a player, I'm willing to at least try to learn a new system if the story at hand tickles my fancy.  The bulk of my rules based gaming experience has been with 2e, plus a little bit of Gurps and a bunch of obscure niche systems.

As far as genre, I'm pretty much open to anything.
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Thu 13 Jun 2019
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Greetings Earthlings, We come in Peace!
Welcome, coyote_annabis,

Yeah... well, let's get ya started:

Your next stop should be Community Chat.  Hang out for a while, copy the traffic, and get a feel for the place.  Read a Notice or three.  Then, once you're comfortable, post a topic or ask a question.  This area is pretty much wide open so long as what you post doesn't violate the terms of service.

Wanted - Players is the place to get your game on.  GMs advertise here when games they have already started are seeking new players.  Again, Notices tell you about the place, and what to do (and not do) here.

Wanted - GMs kinda tips things on their head a bit:  Players can advertise in search of a GM "Looking for Group".  Well, not exactly... GMs read ads here and may volunteer to put together a game players ask for.  The Notices again spell everything out, and are a pretty short read.

Game Proposals, Input, and Advice is another way to find yourself a group.  GMs can float proposals to gauge interest before doing the work of putting together a game.  Expressing interest is a great way to get in as things start up.

There are other forums here that you may eventually find to be of interest, and literally tons of games.  Get you some!

If you ever decide to become an RPoL GM and you run into trouble, just ask.  Folks hereabouts are friendly enough, and many are willing to help ya get started.

See Ya 'Round!
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Thu 13 Jun 2019
at 10:12
Greetings Earthlings, We come in Peace!
Welcome aboard! :)