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Sat 15 Jun 2019
at 17:26
I'm new here and i've never roleplayed before, but i'm really excited. i'm mainly looking to meet new friends with similar interests so i guess i'll be around and trying to figure stuff out :0
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Sun 16 Jun 2019
at 17:10
Hi, welcome to RPoL.

Soooo, if you're looking for a game, you can check in "Wanted - Players".  GMs go there to list the games they have with spots for players.  I would suggest looking for games that mention being newbie friendly.  Maybe try one that is free form, which generally are very light on rules and are more about character interactions and roleplay.

If you can't find one to your liking, try looking in "Wanted - GMs".  You can post there asking if a GM would run a game for you, and be sure to note that you are new.  You might want to also offer up what sort of genre you want to play in.  Fantasy, sci-fi, western, etc.

There is also a forum called "Game Proposals, Input, and Advice".  That's a place that's generally used by GMs as a sounding board, to see if there are people interested in their game concepts.  You might be able to get in on the ground floor to something cool.  Worth looking into.

You can also ask all your beginner questions here.

I would also suggest checking the Discord server:

There are usually folks awake in there, who might be able to answer questions you have in real time. :)

Enjoy your time here! :)
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Mon 17 Jun 2019
at 05:28
What pdboddy said.  I might add:

Read the Notices posted at the top of any forum you visit.  These generally contain rules and policies particular to that forum.

Check out the Help and FAQs, more especially if you are thinking of becoming a GM, or of playing in games with Mature or Adult content.

Finally, have fun, dag-nab-it!  Get your game on.