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Sun 7 Jul 2019
at 06:53
Hey! Just wanted to throw myself out there saying that I'm a new PbP player. I've played a lot of traditional TTRPG with roll20 and in person. Wanted to try out this system of playing in between my sessions and seeing if it was any fun. I have high hopes since I've had other friends who've played in a PbP system. If anyone has some quick tips or some behaviors to encourage or avoid for a newbie to PbP, I welcome a reply.
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Mon 8 Jul 2019
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In reply to AgentBarrel (msg # 1):

Hi, and Welcome, AgentBarrel,

Let's get to know you a bit better.  Tell us about the genres you might like to play in (fantasy, modern day, science-fiction, horror, etc.) and what systems you have used (d20, Old School, free-form, etc.).

You asked for some tips about behaviors to encourage or avoid.  Here you go:

Behaviors to encourage would include reading the Notices posted in a forum.  These spell out the desired and the forbidden in that particular forum.

Similarly, reading the Help and FAQs will give you an idea of the culture, and will help you learn to move around and get to know how things work here.

Now that the general stuff is out of the way, I'd encourage you to read a bit in Community Chat.  It's a bit less formal than many topics, and the range of things discussed there is rather more wide-open (see the Notices, though).

Once you've gotten a feel for how things go, post in reply to a topic, or post a topic of your own.

You say you want to play?  There are three places that help us find games here:  Wanted - Players, Wanted - GMs, and Game Proposals, Input, and Advice.

Wanted - Players is an advertising board where GMs can post ads for games they already have in play.  Players can respond to a game ad, or submit a Request To Join (RTJ) via the private message board for a game linked in an ad.

Wanted - GMs is sort of the converse of Wanted - Players:  Plaers can advertise here for a GM to develop and run a game they want to play.

Game Proposals, Input, and Advice is a forum for getting input and advice on game-related questions, and for GMs to post proposals for tames they are considering creating.  It's that first feature that you'll most likely be interested in as a player - answering to show interest in a game proposal can be a good way to get in "on the ground floor" as a game is just starting up.

If you should want to GM here, you will find a very versatile tool kit for creating games of any sort you might want to run.  Don't be afraid to create that first game - there are lots of folks here who will help you out with answers, advice, etc. as you are getting started (and there's a ton of Help and FAQ info related to creating games and becoming a GM, too).

I should stop now, as I do tend to go on a bit.  Get out there, look around, and get you some!