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Fri 26 Jul 2019
at 19:33
 I have no idea why I chose this username... But I like to play tabletop RPGs more than the CE events known as "real life," so I'm here to get my game on! All of this sounded better in my head.
Isida KepTukari
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Sun 28 Jul 2019
at 07:09
Hello Booper (and what a fun name)!  Take a look around: you can look for games currently seeking players in the Wanted: Players forum, or if you have a game in mind you want to play, you could put up a post in the Wanted: GMs forum.  If you aren't sure if there's enough interest, or have other game questions, try the Game Proposals, Interest, and Advice forum.  Enjoy!
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Sun 28 Jul 2019
at 14:10
Welcome to the forum! This place definitely is a great place to find and explore some new games that either you didn't even know existed, or pick up a group of players for a new D&D campaign that just came out.

Poke around in the community chat area, meet some new friends, and most importantly, have fun. :)