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Sun 28 Jul 2019
at 01:16
New to PbP and RPGs as a whole
So, I'm not strictly new to RPGs as a whole. I have played various console and PC RPGs over the years, but tabletop games have always eluded me. Not to say I haven't tried to get into a game or two over the years. Unfortunately, where I come from is a very rural area and there just aren't a lot of game shops or other means for meeting fellow players within a reasonable distance.

And then I found out that play-by-post is a thing, and stumbled upon a mention of this site on Reddit.

A bit about me: I'm a pretty active soul online wise. I spent a lot of my youth writing stories and was heavily into the roleplay scene (invisionfree/proboards forum posting) so writing up backstories/flavor text isn't going to be much of a concern. Really, I'm pretty much just an easy going guy. I can post several times a day on average, and can normally dedicate a weekend night to staying up for a few hours to focus on a game or two. Needless to say, my will to learn is pretty high and I hope to one day even be GM'ing a game or two myself.

Systems wise, I've only been exposed thus far to a few thanks to podcasts like NADDPOD and The Critshow. D&D 5e, PbtA games (MotW specifically), and Shadowrun. Regardless though, I'm willing to learn whatever and try something at least once.

So, if you have a game going on or about to start one and are in need of a player who can be active and invested, but don't mind teaching them how things work, then please consider me!
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Sun 28 Jul 2019
at 05:47
New to PbP and RPGs as a whole
Lots (perhaps even most) GMs are quite willing to work with players who aren't 'up to speed' on whatever rules system they're using...but it's still a good idea to be up front about inexperience when you ask to join a game.  Speaking of which...

It's generally against site policy for a GM to contact prospective players in order to recruit for their game.  It's one thing if you, as a GM, know the other users you contact, or have some specific reason to think they're interested in your game...but it's still generally frowned upon.  That means that, no matter how enthusiastic you are here, it's unlikely that anyone's just going to rMail you with an invitation to join their game.

A more constructive option is to go look through the Wanted:Players forum.  That's the spot on RPOL where GMs can advertise their games to the site populace.  Look through the ads, find a game or two or three that sounds interesting.  Visit those games--each one will have a thread about how to RTJ (Request To Join) as well as a link to do so.  The thread will have specifics on what the GM wants from you, as a player.  It's also a good idea, before you RTJ, to read some of the game info and in-game threads, just to get a feel for the game's style.

Hope you have success in finding some good games!  I haven't looked around for additional games in years, now, as I'm in three games that are all pretty active...but it took me a fair bit of trial and error to find games that interested me, which lasted more than a few's not uncommon for games to get cut short or just suddenly stop, so don't be too surprised if that happens...just find another game and try again.