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Sat 31 Aug 2019
at 03:09
No one but GM can post in Adult game public thread
How do I make it so others can post in adult game public thread, if there is a way to unlock it how do I do so?
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Sat 31 Aug 2019
at 04:16
No one but GM can post in Adult game public thread
Public threads can only be posted to by those with GM access.  It's designed as an information thread that all groups can see - for holding information about character creation, house rules, background on the game world and the like - specifically threads where you don't want players posting questions or comments.

If you need a thread that all players in your games can access and post in, just pick one group (any group) and give all players access to that group, and set up your thread accordingly.  EG you could have one lot of players gaming in group 4, another lot in group 7, and both sets of players able to post in group Q.

Hope that helps !  :>
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Sat 31 Aug 2019
at 04:22
No one but GM can post in Adult game public thread
If I recall correctly, anything posted in Group 0 is also readable by the general public, so you could set up a thread in that group for the posts you have in mind, and run all the IC game posts in another group.
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Sat 31 Aug 2019
at 04:28
No one but GM can post in Adult game public thread
Thank you both!
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Sat 31 Aug 2019
at 05:46
No one but GM can post in Adult game public thread
The difference between Public and Group Zero:

Public:  The only persons who can post here are GMs.  These threads may be read by everyone, including the general RPoL audience, so must meet RPoL's Adult & Mature Content policies.

Group Zero:  assigned players and GMs can post here (and, I believe, players are assigned here by default?).  Content is still globally visible to everyone logged in to RPoL, so must still meet RPoL's Adult & Mature Content policies.  Players can be removed from Group Zero.

Most Adult Games post very little to either Public or Group Zero for this reason.  Groups 1 - 9 and A - U are private to the game - those not playing or GM-ing cannot view them.  Group Z is kinda special.  Only the GM can post and players assigned can see it.  Players assigned to this group are locked out of ALL OTHER groups.

More on how Game Groups work is in the Help system.

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Sat 31 Aug 2019
at 06:05
No one but GM can post in Adult game public thread
Thanks dude, enjoy your weekend.
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Mon 16 Sep 2019
at 03:36
No one but GM can post in Adult game public thread
My understanding is slightly different, Horus.

All Rpol members can read Public material, but additionally, the general public (non-members) searching a related topic via a search engine, can read it. This is also true of the forums. The messages in this thread, for example, could be found on Google by anyone, if they applied a specific enough search criterion, or if they accidentally stumbled across them.

Group 0:
Any member of Rpol can view Group 0 material if they log into the game, they don't need to RTJ and be accepted. Since unlocked Game Notices can be posted to by Players, I presume Notices are also Group 0.

Groups 1-Y:
These can only be read by players and lurkers who are assigned to those groups by the GM. Nobody outside of the game can read them.

Group Z is like 1-Y, but only the GM can post there. Anyone in Group Z is automatically not in 1-Y, making it potentially a Time Out zone, where players can listen but not respond.