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Mon 2 Dec 2019
at 13:50
New to the site!
Hiya, Im new here, and kinda to rping, I did a bit last year, but not alot since!
This site seems a bit confusing with the dates and all, and was just wondering if there were any highschool or academy in general groups going on?
Mad Mick
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 GURPS beyond measure,
Wed 4 Dec 2019
at 02:28
New to the site!
Hi, Minnie!

Academy/school type games seem to be fairly popular, though the genres are pretty broad (superhero, magic/Harry Potter/anime, etc.). Im playing in a school type of game right now, actually, although weve gone far afield of our original setting.

You could post a ad in Wanted - GMs describing the type of game youre looking for, and if someone is running that kind of game and sees your ad, they can contact you.

Keep an eye on Wanted - Players for new games being advertised.

You can also go to the Browse/Search games link at the bottom of the home page and search for School or Academy. I see a few games listed for each search term, but only one has the Accepting New Players tag.

Good luck, and I hope you find some excellent games!