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Tue 10 Dec 2019
at 03:26
New to RPGs, new to the site, just a newbie noob noob
Hey, all!

I got introduced to DnD 5e back in July, and our group has played pretty consistently once a week for 8 hours since then. Ive been bitten by the bug and have fallen in love with DnD.

I'd love to play more IRL but not looking likely at the moment. I thought having a place where I can interact throughout the day sounds like an ideal way to consume more RPGs.

I've only ever really played the current game I'm in, a homebrewed medieval fantasy where I currently play a changeling rogue. I look forward to trying new things.

Nice to meet you all, hope to see yout around!
Isida KepTukari
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Wed 11 Dec 2019
at 10:35
New to RPGs, new to the site, just a newbie noob noob
Lovely to meet you!  Take a look around, and if you want to you can get involved in more games through the Wanted - Players forum.  Or if you want a specific sort of game, the Wanted - GMs forum lets you request a specific game.  Or if you want to observe some other games (say, in other systems or genres) you could ask to be a lurker in a game you don't yet play in, that way you can observe one in action before going to leap in with both feet.

Welcome, and enjoy!