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Sat 4 Jan 2020
at 00:42
Olí Timer (New Member)
Hello hello!

If youíre reading this, thank you.

Whilst I may be new to the site I am by far more experienced with role playing as a whole. I prefer to keep my stories fantasy based, however this is not excluded to drama, supernatural and medieval. Sometimes I even dabble in an apocalypse setting. I also prefer to keep my role plays free form or sandbox rules. Also subjective to playing females rather than anything else.

I guess this is just a friendly hi and to introduce myself! Other than what I like in my writing style, I work full time and other than the itch to write I just love gaming. Iím looking forward to meeting you and hope to get my feet firmly in this wonderful site.

I shall try to get a request for players thread up as soon as the cogs start turning in this brain of mine. Meanwhile I shall look for any sparks on the already made threads.

Thank you for having me and listening to me ramble! If youíd like to know more about myself my messages are always open for just a chat or to even brainstorm ideas! Simply Out
Mad Mick
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Sat 4 Jan 2020
at 18:18
Olí Timer (New Member)
Welcome, SimplyCrazy! I hope you enjoy your time hereóthereís no other place Iíve found online for roleplaying quite like RPOL.
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Mon 6 Jan 2020
at 06:38
Olí Timer (New Member)
Welcome, and Happy New Year!

You've come to the right place for online RP.  If you need help getting started, jot back and let us help.

Meanwhile, hit the FAQs and Help System, especially if you intend to run a game or three.  GMs hereabouts have certain responsibilities...

Community Chat is a great place to start - just hang out there and copy the traffic for a bit, just to get to know the place and its culture, then post.

Wanted - Players and Wanted - GMs are special boards for folks wanting to find players for their game, or a GM to run a game they'd like to play.  (There are search features on both these boards to help you find what you're looking for more easily.)

Game Proposals, Input, and Advice is a place for folks to receive feedback about gaming and playing, and for prospective GMs to make pitches for new games they are thinking about running.  Expressing interest here is a good way to get into a new game.

There's a lot to see and do here, so dive in and get you some!  We'll see you around.
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Tue 7 Jan 2020
at 00:48
Olí Timer (New Member)
Thank you guys! Much to look forward for.