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Mon 13 Jan 2020
at 17:32
Portraits Issue
Hey folks,

So, I do apologise if this has been posted elsewhere - I did have a look around but couldn't find anything specifically addressing the issue.

Anyway, for the past few weeks all of my renders of portraits have come up with errors; that is to say, that none of the portraits or pictures are working in any of my games. This has happened before, and then corrected itself after a few days, and I assumed it was just up to some updates that needed tweaking after-the-fact.

Anyway, it's not been fixed as of yet and I was hoping that some people might be able to guide me in the right direction, should they have encountered the problem or had a mod/admin remediate it on their behalf.

So, I did check the source for one of my character portraits in a game i'm playing and the link went to here:


Manually attempting to load this image (in another tab) fails, with a "Can't reach this page" error.

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Mon 13 Jan 2020
at 17:38
Portraits Issue
It could be that your browser has cached the broken images.  Try clearing your cache and see if that helps.