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Fri 7 Feb 2020
at 02:29
Hi - New around these parts
Just thought I'd say hello to everyone.

I've played D&D 2e and 3.5, but that was 15 years ago or so.  Looking to get int a game (D&D 3.5 or 5e) but not sure I have the availability so just kind of looking around for now to see what there is.

Look forward to hopefully finding something that will work.
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Fri 7 Feb 2020
at 10:20
Hi - New around these parts
Welcome to Rpol my friend.  There is a Wanted Player Forum that advertises games along with a Wanted GM forum you can post what you are looking for.  One thing you need to do if you haven't already it go to User Preferences on the Main Menu and click to turn on Rmail.  This way GMs and others can send you a private post.

If you find a game(s) you would like to join then click on the games Request to Join Link at the game.

If the game is in Wanted Players then there is a blue link at the top of the Thread ad to click on which will take you to that game.

Also from the main page at the bottom there is a Search that will take you to our Search for games area and it can be done by game type, name or Poster (usually GM) and lots of ways to search for your type of games.

~That's all I can think of but I know there will be others here as we are all willing to help you.  I can't anymore than that as I run Freeform games so know nothing about the System games but there are many many here that will help you find what you are looking for. ~