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Fri 6 Mar 2020
at 05:00
What is the CSS?
My player tells me that the CSS in my game is cutting out half way down the page.  I feel like an idiot but what is the CSS?  I haven't noticed anything cutting off for me.
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Sat 7 Mar 2020
at 13:45
What is the CSS?
CSS = Cascading Style Sheets.  They are what describes the layout of RPoL's pages - fonts, colours, spacing, etc.

I can't say I've noticed any issues, not even in the specific game in question, and since the CSS is identical for all RPoL pages of the same type, I'm not sure why it would act differently in your game.

I suspect the issue might lie with the player's browser - perhaps it glitched while trying to load the page, or something.

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Sat 7 Mar 2020
at 13:54
What is the CSS?
I appreciate the response  bigbadron..  I honestly haven't heard that before on RPOL.  I hadn't noticed any issues of my own, so I'm guessing it must be something on his end most likely?   Weird, but if it's a technical difficulty with his computer there isn't much I can do I'm guessing.
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Wed 29 Apr 2020
at 16:23
What is the CSS?
Communications is a weird thing.  Your player may be referring to something thought to be a CSS issue that really isn't.  You might ask for more detail - what is the player seeing and experiencing?  That may lead to a solution.  Is there a definite error code that gets thrown by player's browser, or is the page just somehow mangled?  What browser is player using?  (There are lots of browsers out there nowadays.  Perhaps shifting to a different one might work better?)
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Thu 7 May 2020
at 11:42
What is the CSS?
If they could send you a screenshot of what they see, perhaps you could nut out what the problem is.
Don't post the screenshot here, though, but maybe a mod of this site could take a look at it, too, somehow ?