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Tue 26 May 2020
at 04:01
In a unique situation. Here I am, new and ready to learn.
I'm 30 years old, and have been doing tabletop stuff for about 10 years now. For the last 2 years I've been doing miniatures miniatures for wargaming purposes. Even before the crisis, I wasn't getting any takers in that area. Lately I've been looking to get back into the RPG realm. But I'm without reliable internet, so VTTs are not really an option at the moment. Which leads me here.

I mostly played PBTA games (Apocalypse World, The Sprawl, Dungeon World) and am looking to mostly stick to that kind of stuff.

Thank you for having me!
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 You get out of a game the
 effort you put in it !!
Tue 26 May 2020
at 20:22
In a unique situation. Here I am, new and ready to learn.
Well Howdy!

Welcome to the family!  Here you will find all the to your heart desires!  Whether itís system or creative freeform we got it.

A few tips for you are below:-

Make sure you turn on your rmail by going to the link at the top that is User preferences, there you will find some settings to play around with including the rmail one as that is how you and most GMs can talk.

On the main menu there are two forums you can find what you want to play in

Wanted: players
Wanted: GMs

At the bottom of the main menu you will also find search link to find games

So all I can say now is