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Fri 22 Jan 2021
at 07:56
Long time player, looking to start a PbP game
I've been playing RPGs for decades; mostly the older versions of D&D; for the last ten years I've played a number of other games. In terms of systems my favorites are probably GURPS, Mythras, Barbarians of Lemuria and OSRs/old D&D (which I have lots of). I would like to play in a game or two if I can find one that fits my niche tastes; I also want to try out some game ideas I have.

Once I get a handle on it I may expand from the one game I am planning now (Napoleonic Psionic GURPS) to try out other systems and settings in shorter, non-campaign scenarios.

I have no idea how to do anything on these forums in terms of setting up things for a campaign, so I expect to dig through the FAQ some. I do, however, have some experience using Roll20, Discord and computers to aid in gaming so I should be able to use Google Docs and Discord as another layer of resources in my games. I really like to use maps and visuals, even though I won't be using 'tactical' combat to start.
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Fri 22 Jan 2021
at 08:17
Long time player, looking to start a PbP game
Welcome aboard, always good to have more meat for the grinder new players & referees :)
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Fri 22 Jan 2021
at 14:56
Long time player, looking to start a PbP game
Howdy!  One thing about this site, whether as a player or  a GM, you have everything one  one page.

 I'm sure you saw, up in the upper lefthand side  a link "start your own game"

once you go through the steps, its  easy with  'doing the reps' making it easier  each time... You Game thread will have everything  you need.. upper right hand side  has GM  tools...the  thread itself has  dice  roller   Character sheet access  and  all that.

 don't be afraid to ask in Forums  for help, or  even R-mail folks if you want to ask questions.
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 You get out of a game the
 effort you put in it !!
Fri 22 Jan 2021
at 23:21
Long time player, looking to start a PbP game
 Hiya there and welcome here RPol, you'll find anything you want here and so many great games from freeform to about any system game you like.  Your choices are vast and varied. Many have left and come back as did I once too. There are many that are willing to help you.

Here's a few reminder tips for you:-

Make sure you turn on your rmail by going to the link at the top that is User preferences, there you will find some settings to play around with including the rmail one as that is how you and most GMs can talk.

On the main menu there are two forums you can find what you want to play in

Wanted: players At the top there is a link that is 'Search Games' and when you click on those words it gives you a more distinct search area for what you are looking for.

Wanted: GMs where you can make a post describing the type of games you are looking for and GMs check there for new players sometimes.

At the bottom of the main menu you will also find search link to find games and other good stuff.

So all I can say now is