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Sun 11 Apr 2021
at 19:49
Hello Everyone!
I've had an account for a minute but have not used it, now I'm thinking about changing that.

I used to run/play games on Paizo's site for a while, but 2020 gave me a bit of a breakdown and I had to take time off from PbP. Now I think I'm getting ready to make a return to PbP and figured I would give RPOL a shot.

I have two specific projects I am considering running initially. They are both from modules, and both science fictiony, but that's another post entirely.

I'm not entirely sure I will be looking tobplay in any games just yet and want to be disciplined about my workload so I'm not taking on too much, but that might change as I become more accustomed to the site.
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Sun 11 Apr 2021
at 20:48
Hello Everyone!
welcome.. this is the best site going for GMs  or players..everything  on the main page,unlimited  threads PMs  ect.  The functions and  'everythihng' in front of you, makes  it the best site for GMs  and Players.
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Mon 12 Apr 2021
at 16:22
Hello Everyone!
Yes welcome and happy gaming to you whether a GM or a player.  It is all here for you in an easy format.  Enjoy!