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Tue 14 Dec 2021
at 03:26
Veteran D&D5e DM, novice to RPOL
Hey all, just dropping in to say hi. I'm a D&D5e DM, currently running 2 live weekly games but I started an account here for the express purpose of starting another one going the play-by-post method.

Not ready yet, but I've been obsessing for months over the plan to do just this, using the PbP format to run a specific newly-released adventure/setting; Strixhaven, the D&D/MtG magic school setting. I thought PbP would be the best format to run what I hope will be a great combination of slice-of-life, romance, and action/adventure for this campaign. Still reading through the book though, figuring out what I want to use, what I want to discard, and what I want to change or even add, and how best to present all of the various stuff. If you have any advice, feel free to offer up! I'm new to the site so I just want to get a handle on it first and foremost while preparing the adventure.

Actually, a bit more specifically, if anyone has any advice for using both this site in conjuncition with D&DBeyond for character management and maybe the dice rolling, please let me know! Thanks