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Tue 18 Jan 2022
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I am the cube i am the best ever
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Tue 18 Jan 2022
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I am the cube i am the best ever
Hello there and Welcome to RPol.  We are a friendly lot here.  If you are looking for a game to get you going there are thousands of Systems and free form games.  On your main page you will find ‘search for games’ which is easy to use.  Just fill in a couple of words then search by game type, genre, or Game owner/GM.

You can also go to the forum Wanted player which is several pages besides the first one.  There is a search option on that page as well.  If not finding what you are looking for the go to Wanted GMs forum and post a message about what you are looking for.

Make sure in your profile that Rmail is ticked as this is the personal message/PM that some players/GMs will use to contact you.  When you do apply/RTJ (request to join) a game that game will pop up on your main page sticky list.  A GM shower back to you soon.  Sometimes it may take a day or two depending when the GM is online.  Don’t get discouraged.  You can apply to any number of games.  If a game is ADULT rated you will have to wait two weeks from the day you joined RPol to gain access to those games but after the two weeks you do have to wait again.

Ask any questions you wish and any of us will be happy to help.

Happy Gaming