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Thu 8 Sep 2022
at 06:05
Newbie here; looking for a Twilight 2K game
I'm new to the site, but not new to roleplaying.  Most of my experience is with DnD, but I've dabbled in a bunch of other systems.  I'm new to TW2K:4E and looking for a group that I can learn the ins and outs from.  I have all of the books, but no real experience with it.
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Thu 8 Sep 2022
at 07:14
Newbie here; looking for a Twilight 2K game
Welcome to RPOL.

If you're looking for a particular game, the best place to post is the Wanted - GMs forum: link to another game

Or you could try browsing Wanted - Players for a game advertisement that fits your requirements: link to another game

Finally, on the Main Page, https://rpol.net/ , there is a link in the lower half of the screen that lets you Browse/Search the Games (including an option to specify which system you're interested in).