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17:54, 23rd June 2024 (GMT+0)

Obligatory introductory post.

Posted by goblinmob
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Sun 18 Dec 2022
at 01:53
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Obligatory introductory post

Gotta have one. I've enjoyed dnd for a long time... in theory. It's always sat on the shelf but always fun to read through. So now well into adulthood I found this site! Gotta get some miles on these boots as a DM and this seems like a cool way to play! I'll probably have questions lol

Any good anecdotal advice or life hacks that are good to know from the get go on rpol?
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Sun 18 Dec 2022
at 02:21
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Obligatory introductory post

this is the Best  site out there... all the tools  on one page, with out getting in the way.

 you have PMs, you can check past posts..dice  roller CS  ect ect ect.

 There is a customizable search engine at the lower part of your main page...there is also  a 'wanted players' thread.

when you need  questions answered , sue the forums If the Admins  can't answer you, some players will!
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Sun 18 Dec 2022
at 05:08
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Obligatory introductory post

I join Don in welcoming you and singing the site's praises, but... If you've never actually played D&D, why do you want to dive in as a DM? Most DM's have years (or decades) of experience playing the game. Not saying you can't pull it off. Just raising the question.
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Sun 18 Dec 2022
at 10:31
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Obligatory introductory post

In reply to 1492 (msg # 3):

It's just the play style that's always appealed to me more than being a player. I don't know exactly how to articulate what specifically attracts me to that element of Dnd more than being a player. I've been a player in a few short campaigns but I always remember thinking "I wanna be a dm"
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Sun 18 Dec 2022
at 13:01
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Obligatory introductory post

Welcome to the friendliest gaming site in the world!  Just my humble opinion of course.

One thing to keep in mind is don’t make a second or more site login name.  It’s wonderful you only need one here.  It will get you banned if you have two!  As for multiple characters its up to the GM/DM as to how many characters a player can have in their game.

Also read all the rules and FAQs for this site.  Each forum also has its set if rules to read.  So before opening a game as a GM/DM know what these rules are!

Have a look at the Wanted: Players and Wanted: Players ads read like to get a feel of things.

One hint of advice is that before you jump into running a game, join one or two and see how they are run.  There are many different ways a DnD GM/DM do it!??  Get the feel of things!

Never be afraid to ask questions in the Community and other forums about anything.  We were all new at one time.  Most are here to help.

But most of all enjoy yourself and …

Happy Gaming!!!
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Sun 18 Dec 2022
at 14:09
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Obligatory introductory post

In reply to ladysharlyne (msg # 5):

I've been reading through the Help/FAQs on my breaks and stuff. I just started making some throwaway characters just to apply some bits of what I read lol but I think that's a good idea (1492 also alluded to) to join a game! I kinda glossed over the idea at first as DMing is the goal I had in mind, but I'm sure it would definitely help get along utilizing all the rpol features.
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