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New Here.

Posted by Asphodel
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Sat 4 Feb 2023
at 18:41
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New Here

Hello, I've just created my account, and found I can't join any of the games due to them having adult content (I've used the filter button to search). I'm 20+, and I have to wait 2 weeks to apply for access... Ngl, it's very off-putting to new players.

Are there any games open to accepting new players...without 18+ content? That I can join immediately? Thanks.
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Sat 4 Feb 2023
at 18:51

Re: New Here

Welcome to RPoL.

Are there any games open to accepting new players...without 18+ content? That I can join immediately? Thanks.

Yes there are.  The Wanted - Players forum ( link to another game ) contains ads for games which are currently recruiting.  Each ad contains a link to the game it is tied to.
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Sat 4 Feb 2023
at 19:14
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Re: New Here

 Howdy, You came to the best site out there. eveything you need is on the page you are on...Main page, Game  page, game threads ect.

 Now?  There are  3  types of game.. regular game...MA games that have bit more violence and such. and  the Adult games.

 The 2 weeks is needed to vet the player, as there are players  who , in the past, got bounced for various reasons, including  'lying' on their application.

as a GM? if that 2 weeks is goign to matter if they stay or go, i am not too concerned about the leaving. All palces have rules.

 on the main page there is also a customizable search engine , that you can seek games  that interest you...and of course  as  Bigbad  said, the 'wanted  players   thread"

have fun!
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Sat 4 Feb 2023
at 19:38
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Re: New Here

In reply to bigbadron (msg # 2):

Ah yes, that's where I searched with the filter, still, thanks for helping.
Sir Swindle
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Sat 4 Feb 2023
at 21:12
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New Here

There are several non-adult games posted right now? Are you looking for a specific system that tends towards adult content?

Many "adult" games don't have any notable adult content if you are worried about that. We just put the tag so we don't have to worry about something crossing the line.

That 2 weeks must go away at some point. I think after the first time you apply?
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He's big, he's bad,
but mostly he's Ron.
Sat 4 Feb 2023
at 22:01

Re: New Here

In reply to Asphodel (msg # 4):

There is also a Browse/Search link on the main page, which will let you specify game systems and/or genres, filter by rating (General, Mature, or Adult) and whether or not the games are actively seeking players.

It will also let you search for specific words/phrases in a game's title, or by GM name, though those are, perhaps, of less use until you have an idea of GMs you might like to stalk follow.
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Sun 5 Feb 2023
at 11:05
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New Here

This is ALL sage advice and welcome to RPol!

There are many general, Mature, and adult games.  You will find the two weeks goes by pretty fast!  It is due to web legalities that protect both the site and players.

There is also the Wanted: GMs that you can post a short description of what you are looking for in a game too.  Take the time to get familiar with the site and most importantly the rules and especially the adult rules if you are interested in that.

Do not be afraid to ask questions and the Community forum is good for that.  There is the Rmail that you can contact any GM about their game and you can contact the Admin/Moderators there too.

Keep in mind you only apply once to this site and keep the one login name forever.  Having two site login names will get you banned.  But isn’t that so much better than the sites you have to have a login for every single character!  Once in a game you can have as many characters as the GM will allow and this varies by game but you don’t have to have a quadzillion logins!

Just remember too that you are not limited too one game either.  But if you get into a game and find it’s not working for you then all you need to do is tell the GM politely and they will delete you from that game.  Its so rude to ghost a game and just disappear for no reason.

Happy Gaming!
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