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11:18, 26th February 2024 (GMT+0)

New to DND and Play By Post.

Posted by Wes51992
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Sun 16 Apr 2023
at 14:32
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New to DND and Play By Post

I'm new to DnD (actually never played) but am interested and figured this might be a good place to start. I'm trying to familiarize myself with some of the mechanics on here and I think I get the basics of some of it, but am not fluent in much of it like experienced players are. I'm quite occupied in life with a family of my own so I'd only be a casual player. Any place for someone like me? And could you help point me in the right direction of how to begin?

- Wesley
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Sun 16 Apr 2023
at 21:18
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New to DND and Play By Post

Hi Wesley & welcome to RPOL!

I've been around for about a year and it's a great place to be!

There's absolutely scope to learn D&D (5th edition?) on here. Although I was a little bit further along than you when I started on here, I was still very much a novice and have learnt loads.

Here are a few ideas of how to get started:
- A copy of the Player's Manual would be helpful for reference (either a physical copy or a pdf).
- You might want to find a game or two that you could lurk and watch. That's a defined thing. A "lurker" is someone that the game owner (GM) allows access to see the game but they cannot post in it. Lurking would give you a good feel for how RPOL works at a pace to suit you.

When you're ready, you can find a game in the Wanted: Players forum or by using the search engine. I'd just be upfront about the fact that you're learning in your "Request to Join" (RTJ). There are some amazing GMs who are happy to help players learn the ropes.

It's also worth bearing in mind that some games have a suggested posting rate e.g. once every 48hrs. Bear that in mind with family commitments and look for a game that suits your pace of life.

Have fun!
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Tue 18 Apr 2023
at 04:10
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New to DND and Play By Post

Hello and welcome!
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Tue 18 Apr 2023
at 11:14
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New to DND and Play By Post

 Howdy....D&D  is a decent game. they have changed the rules over the  years  to  sell more   books  and  steal some  great ideas  from other  systems.

  You can find  games here, by looking at  'players wanted" thread , and By using the Customizable  search  engine at the  lower  part of your main page.

 there are some   great  D&D  games on this site, so if you find one lookign for players,  Let the GM  know  you are new to the system, some of them may have links  to  D&D stuff on line that you can check out,

  You can always ask questions  in the forumns, if a Mod  can't answer, a player should be able to. Have fun!
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Tue 18 Apr 2023
at 22:20
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New to DND and Play By Post

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