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Posted by bobsnumber1fan
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Fri 22 Mar 2024
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Hello, I am Metal.. Not my real name but one of my many, many internet aliases.

I like drawing, roleplay (probably known already because.. I'm on this site.) and many more.

I guess that's all you need to know.. Bye then
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Wed 27 Mar 2024
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Hiya and welcome to RPol!  A great community of friendly folk.  As for your question you might try putting a post in WANTED:GMs askin for a GM to run a game for you.  I run freeform games so no help here with a system game but we have many System game GM/DMs thT can help you.

To help you out with the site here are some tips I find useful and hope you do too.

Firstly read the FAQs and RULES section so you don’t accidentally break any.  Especially if you wish to play in Adult games.

Another important thing to remember is don’t make a second account as you only need one and having two or more will get you baanned from the site!  Once in a game you can have multiple character names.  As many as a GM will allow.

Every GM has their own rules for their game. Give a GM a few days to answer your request to join {RTJ}.  Not everyone is on every day.  We all have real lives.

There are two very important forums each with its own rules to follow.

Under a post’s writer’s name is a link to Rmail to speak about their games.  It is the private messaging  fir the site.  Any problems with using the sute can be asked of Admin/moderators through there also.

WANTED: PLAYERS ~ this is where you can watch fir game ads requesting players.  It is better to go to the game link rather than ask any questions in the ad.  There is a search link there which is very loser friendly.

WANTED: GMs ~ this is for players to place an ad for the type if game you are looking for.

On your Main Menu you will also find a search link to find games or GMs list of games and it is very user friendly.  There are thousands if games in this site but some may be no linger active.  It will tell you if active, inactive and deleted.

This is a wonderful site to be a part of so again WELCOME !!!!

Happy Gaming!!
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